Why chose a mobile groomer?

  • You can stay and watch the grooming process to insure your pet is well taken care of. We promise it won't take all day either.
  • No more loading the car with a overexcited animal and driving to the salon. You can keep your car clean and distraction free because we come to you.
  • Your pet will feel more at home instead of restless about going to the salon. We've actually had clients that gave their pet a tranquilizers before going to the salon but no more.
  • Your pet won't be held in a crate for hours before and after being groomed. He gets groomed as soon as he come out of the house and is returned to his environment immediately afterwards.
  • You don't waste a whole day dropping off, waiting for and picking up your pet. Once we get to know you, you don't even have to be at the house when we arrive. We'll retrieve the pet from the back yard and return it when we're done.
  • We come to you!  No dirty pet in your clean car!  No separation anxiety!  Less stressful environment!  No interaction with other pets!  Your pet will not be caged!  No sedatives used!  Your pet will receive one on one attention!  No need for two trips to the salon anymore!  Both you and your pet will enjoy the convenience of mobile pet grooming!

Your pets grooming experience is important to us. Our goal is for your pet to have a pleasant, stress-free grooming session. Here are a few reasons why choosing a mobile groomer will ensure a positive experience for your pet:

Features and Benefits of a Mobile Grooming Experience

  • Stress Free Enviornment - You no longer have to worry about your pets seperation anxiety. Your pet is not placed in a crate and waiting for hours to be groomed like in a grooming shop. You pet is groomed right away in their own driveway!
  • Eliminates Car Transportation - We come to you! You no longer have to make 2 trips to the grooming salon on grooming day. When your pet is finished they are already at home. This also avoids any stress on your pet from the car ride.
  • Therapy Bathing/Fluff Drying - We do not use cage dryers!! We hand/fluff dry all of our pets. Therapy baths relax your pet and are good for senior pets to help rejuvinate their muscles and joints.
  • One-On-One Personal Service for You and Your Pet - You will be able to discuss your pets needs one on one with us! Your pet will get one on one undivided attention during the entire grooming process! This also eliminates any exposure to multiple animals with possible diseases and parasites as in a grooming shop.
  • A Clean, Safe Environment for Your Pet - Our grooming area is sanitized after each pet is groomed. The grooming van is built with state of the art equipment which ensures safety and efficiency.

Is all the grooming done in the van?

Yes, the vans are fully self-sufficient and equipped with a generator, air-conditioning, heater, bathtub, grooming table and all the necessary equipment to provide a complete grooming service totally within the van.

How long does the grooming take?

The average appointment takes about 60 minutes to 90 minutes to complete. This can vary depending on the breed, condition and length of coat, procedure required, temperament of the animal, etc.

What are your prices?

Our prices are based on the breed and size of the animal, the condition of his or her coat, and what the owner requests. Some circumstances in which additional charges may incur are excessive matting, shaving down or stripping, flea dips, tick removal, behavioral issues or extreme obesity.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?

Quite often we can book your appointment within 2-3 days. However, there are times during the year which become very busy and it is recommended to schedule as far as 2 or more weeks ahead.

How often should my pet be groomed?

In general a grooming every 4-6 weeks is recommended. The frequency varies on a per animal basis depending on breed and coat type. It is good for your pet to be groomed and/or bathed before becoming overly dirty or matted.

Should my dog have the anal glands expressed with each grooming?

Our groomers will check the anal glands as part of the regular grooming service and will only express them if needed. Animals naturally express these glands during normal everyday functions and they should not be hand manipulated unless necessary as this may cause irritation or infection. If the glands cannot be easily expressed by the groomer, or are swollen, we will recommend the animal be taken to a vet.

Why is shaving down sometimes more expensive than a hair cut?

In many cases the animal is matted, has extremely thick hair, is excessively dirty or has other conditions which make shaving not only more difficult than a hair cut, but usually necessary. Stripping, especially a dirty, matted coat, also subjects clippers and blades to unusual wear and tear which can be costly to maintain or replace. In addition, great care and extra time is required in an effort to shave the coat evenly and avoid cutting the skin with the clippers.

My pet has a lot of mats, is it necessary to shave them out?

It depends on the severity of the matting. Minor mats can sometimes be worked out, but many times shaving down or stripping is necessary. Severe mats can cause skin irritations and hide other conditions such as hot spots, dermatitis, seborrhea, cuts, scabs, sores and redness. It is not unusual to encounter these problems when the coat is stripped from a badly matted animal and it is definitely in your pets best interest to address them

What does Mobile Dog and Cat Grooming do?

We are a complete pet grooming salon on wheels. We come to you when it's convenient for you. We perform all the same services that you've come to expect from any professional groomer but we do it in a fully equipped, air conditioned van. There's no need to make the long trip to the salon, no more crowded, noisy and nerve-wrecking environment to upset your pet. We deliver a unique experience that's filled with pure affection and personal attention for your pet. Most of our customers actually look forward to their grooming day.